Fall Fun Fest 2015                           Saturday, October 24
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Volunteer Opportunities
Fall Fun Fest is an opportunity for Redwood Covenant to serve our community. If you are a part of the RCC family, we encourage you to volunteer at this event. It's what we do!

Sign-ups have begun. Look for the tables in the atrium. Sign-up early for the most choice. We have two shifts. Choose to serve at one or both. 

On Sunday, Oct 18, following the second service, we have the entire congregation help us pull out all the games and place them in the rooms. 

All games will be set up on Oct 22 (Thuper Thursday) by our volunteer crew. You can also sign up to be on this crew on Sunday mornings.

Game Host
If you have signed up for a game, we ask that you please come early. We have hundreds of volunteers running this event and we rely on everyone being in place at the proper time. If one person is late, it makes several of us scramble to find a replacement. 

Concession Volunteers
If you are volunteering with concessions please talk with the volunteers at our sign-up table for more information about what the job includes.

Parking & Security Volunteers
If you are a parking attendant look for information at the sign-up tables.

If you are on the security team, look for information at the sign-up tables.

Engineering Team
If you are an engineer, the folks who keep the electricity on and the games running, look for special information here.

This website is still under construction so please be patient as we get our act together. I'm not a geek so this is web page stuff is a bit of a stretch for me. I'm more of a nerd wishing I was a geek.

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